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for the pharmaceuticals industry, biotechnology, and the food industry

Edelstahl NORD is your specialist for pressure-resistant preparation tanks and process vessels for the production, processing and storage of fluid media in the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry. Our customers also value our employees many years of experience with planning and producing fermenters and bioreactors of the highest quality.

Our design engineers develop application-specific recommended solutions for you, whether you need a single vessel, a unit including an agitator, measuring devices or a control system.

At the start of your project we ensure a hygienic design and adherence to the nationally and internationally applicable standards, e.g. GMP, FDA or the Pressure Equipment Directive.

Your decision for a pressure vessel from Edelstahl NORD is also a decision for a simple process validation inside your company, product progress and a long-term process reliability.

Planning and design


Quality control

All vessels are designed specifically for you. We provide a custom-made solution for your process.

In our production we only use stainless steel. On our 5,000 m² production area we are manufacturing pressure vessels that comply with the highest standards on the surface, material and welds.

Our specially trained staff perform during production non-destructive testing by, for example, radiographic testing, ultrasonic measurement and penetrant testing.


  • Surface roughness of product-contacted surfaces up to Ra ≤ 0,2 µm
  • Homogeneous grinding pattern
  • Dry-grinding, no use of grease as a grinding agent
  • All weld seams evened upon request
  • Defined surface structure after grinding
  • Electro polishing upon customer request


  • Integrated Quality Control for all welding processes
  • Extensive radiographic testing upon request


  • Gapless GMP-compatible documentation
  • Continuous material batch traceability
  • Service and spare parts availability
  • Archiving of documentation for 20 years
  • Standard qualification documentation available
  • Simple process validation at your company


  • Customised design
  • 3D-CAD Software used for engineering and design 3D models can be supplied
  • Design and strength calculation by Edelstahl NORD engineers

Hygienic Design

Cleanability Interior:

  • CIP-/SIP capable
  • Nozzle design upon request, including conical exten-sion for product area (tailor-made nozzle production)
  • Product-oriented seals (e.g. o-ring)
  • Dead space-free design Guaranteed complete drainability
  • Documented sprayball coverage test (riboflavin test) within the scope of the internal production inspection and/or within the scope of an FAT

Cleanability Exterior:

  • Gap-free design
  • Autoclave design available
  • Use of cap nuts/no open threads
  • Measuring and documentation of surface quality
  • Insulating cover sheets hermetically welded
  • Components including IP protective class 64
  • Electro polishing of Exterior upon request

Technical Specifications

Specifications from to
Volume 2 litres 20,000 litres
Operating pressure -1 bar 10 bar (g)
Operating temperatures -20 °C 200 °C
Materials 1.4301, 1.4404, 1.4435, 1.4539, 1.4571, 2.4605, 2.4610, 254 SMO; further materials upon request
Surfaces up to Ra < 0,2 µm, electro polishing upon request
Cleaning options CIP, SIP, autoclavable
  • vertical or horizontal vessel set-up
  • heating/cooling via jacket or half-coil system
  • vessel insulated inlcuding stainless steel cover
  • stationary, hanging or mobile
  • agitator
  • homogenisator
  • measuring devices and control systems for temperature, pressure, pH, level sensor, etc.
  • equipment to meet customers needs

Our permits

DIN EN ISO 3834-3

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Marking Transfer Certificate

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Cert Fertigungskontrolle

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Extensive Service

We accompany you at each step of your project

Our project management goes beyond supervising your order.

At each phase of your project, our project manager is the main contact partner for your questions and requests. He knows your company, your process and your product.

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The offer, which is tailored to your process, is created personally by the employee who consulted with you at the start of your project.


The strength calculation of the pressure vessels is completed by our employees.


Our designers have a special appreciation for gap and dead space-free design for process containers, fermenters, and bio-reactors.


We only process stainless steel at our modern machine park. Our production area covers 5,000 m².


Approval of design and Third Party Inspection can be accomplished by Notified Body of your choice.


Upon request we complete extensive testing together with you at our premises, e.g the riboflavine test, agitator test, pressure hold test, etc.


Upon customer’s request we can organise the transport of your vessel. In order to avoid any damages during transport, our employees ensure suitable packaging for your process vessels, suitable even for sea freight.


Edelstahl NORD employees will help you with commissioning and training for your employees upon request.

After Sales

We are at your service following delivery of your process vessels, fermenters or bioreactors and ensure supply of spare parts. Further we can also offer to you maintenance service for your pressure vessel at regular intervals.

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