09.01.2017 13:21

"AsepticAir" Plasma Circulation System PL-AA 3000

Constructed / Country: Austria, Agraregion Lower Austria

Technical specifications:

Length 2,700mm / Width 800mm / Height 800mm

Air supply / channel 600x600mm

A) Filter: 1 piece dust pocket filter, 1 piece aerosol particle double filter

B) Plasma unit: 3-part multipack plasma electrode units

C) Post filter: 1-part activated carbon REG filter, 1-part activated carbon FEF filter

C) Recirculation performance: 3,000m³/h, type: PAPST fan PALÜ-3000


Installation: 2.11 - 30.11.2016


475 piglets, agile, lively and keen to eat,

no cough, no antibiotics,

no piglet diseased, no loss

Weight increase: 475 piglets with 14.5% weight gain compared to the previous year (2015)

Animal enclosure climate: internal barn air freed from dust and smell emission reduced enormously.